Three Financial Professionals You Should Meet With During Your Divorce

Divorces are challenging on many levels, but from a financial standpoint, they can be extremely stressful and even disastrous. To help you navigate the financial portion of your divorce, consider hiring outside help. In addition to your divorce lawyer, you may want to schedule some time to meet with the following three financial professionals: 1. Mediator or Arbitrator Even happily married couples sometimes argue about money, but when you are in the midst of a divorce, those arguments typically become more intense and harder to resolve. [Read More]

Consumer Proposal vs. Personal Bankruptcy: Which Option Works Best?

Although nearly a quarter of Canadians managed to eliminate their personal debts in 2013, there are still millions out there who are under tremendous pressure to resolve their debt issues. The average Canadian can choose between resolving their debts through a personal bankruptcy or a consumer proposal. Knowing which option is best for your financial situation is a crucial part of getting yourself back on track towards a debt-free future. [Read More]